5 ways to keep the PASSION fires burning!


So, the World Cup is over. Germany is the champion of the world. It is amazing to see nations spanning the globe coming together in support of their teams. Every four years the teams meet in this arena and do battle on the pitch. It is a huge spectacle, even becoming one hear in America. People get excited and those you would never think would don a soccer jersey wear them with pride.

Then it ends. All done. Pride deflates to respectable levels and the magic moves on. It is the same when we write. We get very excited for a time, then it dies down. We are fired up at the start of a new project, then the passion goes from boil to simmer. It’s OK. It happens to most people. Here are a couple of tips to help keep the fires of passion for your project burning bright.

  1. Write about something you love. It is easy to pick the flavor of the month and go with it. However, writing a novel takes far longer than a month. You will need to have the subject matter that will keep you motivated and interested. If you love cars, make the car the protagonist. If you have a fascination with ghosts, have your setting be a house overlooking a cemetery. If hockey is your life … you get the picture. Find your love and write about it. Trust me, no one can do it the way you can.
  2. Get to know other writers. Once you have found your writing love, you need to cultivate it. Writing a novel may seem like an untenable goal when starting out. D.W. and I made plenty of mistakes along the way (more he than I, of course). One of the best resources at our disposal was the support and knowledge offered by other writers. Whatever your genre, social media makes finding a writer’s group within it as easy as turning on your computer. Talking to other people who had the fortitude to keep their rumps in the seat long enough to complete a novel will make it seem like a much more realistic goal. Believe us, we did it, so can you.
  3. Build a team. Don’t go it alone. The misconception is that writing is a lonely, arduous task. Well, there is a lot of time spent in solitude, but that is of your own doing. Find a partner in crime, someone willing to read your drafts, pick you up when you fall and put you in line when you slack off. We all know who fills those shoes here. Having someone to whom you must hold yourself accountable makes committing to your workload easier. It really does. Ask for help. There are great places like oDesk and Facebook where you can find talented people to join you in your quest to complete you book. Nobody writes a novel by themselves. Once you understand this, you will be a huge step closer to completing your work.
  4.  Write a little every day. Every word you write makes you better. Believe in that. Your actions become habits. If you are a storyteller, whatever the medium, you must work on telling stories … every day.
  5. Smell yourself. This is vintage D.W. It means you must be able to honestly believe in yourself. Modesty is a redeeming feature, but do not be so humble as to never begin. Sometimes it is the fire that comes from self-confidence that is the catalyst for ultimate success. A little confidence and swagger are needed to get the job done. If you do not believe in yourself, who will? Ultimately we can only believe in you if you believe in you.

So, there you have it. Five tips to keep you going in the lean times between times. When your book is published, everyone is cheering for you. When you are in the middle of the next one, you have to be your own cheerleader. Stay on the path, fellow storytellers. It pays off in the end.

What is your passion? How do you stay motivated to see that passion become reality?

This is your community. We want to hear from you.

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