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Blog – The R’Engen Caravan

Hello Everyone!

Today; a shorter blog about a caravan that spreads joy and entertainment through the Known Kingdoms.

The R’Engen Caravan is from The Talustrian Isles. Once a year, they tour Tarune and perform fantastic acrobatics and mystical magical shows for all to see. Nobles, framers, beggars, and all are welcome to attend the show, for there is free attendance. Their goal is to make people happy with their colorful shows.

The first event they act out is the “Aerial Frenzy” where the stunt men and women perform elaborately choreographed sword fights mid air whilst being suspended by magic fields conjured by the healers. The next show is a magic show performed by healers called “Divine Charm”. In this show, the healers simply show-off their ability to manifest energy into different shapes and spells to awe the audience.


Here are the cities they travel to every year in this order!

–       Nastria

–       Longshire

–       Dalisport

–       Medlin

–       Dun Medlin

–       Stelloic

–       Cinderwell

–       Vallen

–       Whitejock

–       Velhadris

–       Duntheir

–       Farmalkin

After the Farmalkin show, they take the next boat back to The Talustrian Isles to prepare for next year’s show! Would you like to see one of their shows? Let me know in the comments! As always, see ya next time!

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