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A Day in the Life of a Healer

Hey guys!

So, today I am planning to write about what to do if you plan to be a Healer in Tarune.

Here is a typical day’s schedule in Juilena’s Healing Spa.

Juilena’s Healing Spa: because everyone needs healing through their soul, mind, and body.

Once you arrive to work at Juilena’s, go to the back room. You should have your standard yellow smock on with Juilena’s logo on it, along with the standard yellow pants and your yellow, long-sleeved shirt.

Since you have already gotten the job, you have completed your requirements, Healers do magic too, of course.

Put your hair up (if you can) and lather your hands and arms with the florescent pink lotion, for it will remove all harmful bacteria.

Next, rinse your face in the sink made of clear gemstones located farthest from the door.

After you prepare in the backroom, go to your assigned alcove with your name-plaque on it.

Make it as soothing as possible in your work environment.

-Prepare the table-bed in the center of the room.

-Light the various candles so it feels calming.

-Light environmentally safe incense of your choice, depending on what mood you want to set. (Ocean, sleepy, protected, healing, ect.)

-Enchant the Lentros (lighting) spell onto your colored rocks in the wall.

Once you “set the tone,” you are ready for your first client.

Remember – sanitation and safety first. Put on your clear facial cleaning mask.

Below are the directions, the most basic ones, for the internal (organs) and external (skin, body) treatment.

-Once the patient arrives, give them a covering cloth and they will tell you EXACTLY where on their external body they want to be healed. Cast your Spell of Tailoring onto the cloth and help the patient into it.

  1. Once your patient is safely on the bed, cast the Spell of Blissful Slumber onto your patient.
  2. Place the translucent, oil-like Healing gel on the face, upper arms, and feet.
  3. Place the glowing orange oil everywhere else on the (external) body.
  4. Grab the glowing green stone off the wall and incant Chant #431 onto them. MAKE SURE THE GREEN STONE HOVERS DIRECTLY OVER THEIR FACE.
  5. Place all 12 pitch-black Salve Stones on the requisite organs necessary to complete the desired Healing.
  6. Incant Chant #134x onto them.
  7. Keep the incantation active for EXACTLY 124.1 minutes, then grab the floating green stone. It ends the session.

    Your patient’s Healing is complete.
    Yay! That’s how you preform a basic External and Internal Body Spa Treatment for Healers.

    Stay posted!


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