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How to get people interested? In websites? In book series? In restaurants?

Here are a few answers to help:

-keep updating
Not every minute of every day, just enough to show your viewers you care, and you are active. For example, if we were in the Known Kingdoms, updating would be like a Magus working to master a new spell. Magi have to continually call on the Magics to become stronger. Updating their skills strengthens their magical ability, and their reputation grows. It is the same in this world. That is why we like coming at you with unique stuff … see what I did there? I brought it back to the point.

-stay with your theme, but still have variety
If you are writing, say, about a book series, (let’s use Necromancers’ Pride) stay with the central theme of the topic, but it shouldn’t just be a site or paragraph of facts. Personalize it! I like Necromancers’ Pride because I feel a personal connection with all the characters. I may not like them all (yeah Gascon, I’m talking about you), but I feel like I have a history with them. Each one of them is different and interesting in their own ways. They feel like real people, so their problems and successes are important to me. Their variety helps to keep me engaged in the main themes of the series.

The main theme of my posts has to do with Necromancers’ Pride, but see how I added variety to it this time?

-be funny
Like the one before, personalize it! Even if it’s just a school assignment, make it interesting! Use funny jokes, photos, and videos. Funny quotes, photos, and links help, too. Again, I need to go back to the world of Tarune. Eryk and Rogen make me laugh … a lot. Well, just about all the characters made me laugh at one time or another, but they really crack me up. Sometimes, laughing when things get hard is the most understandable reaction in the world. Making people smile and feel good will keep them coming back to you.

What do you think of the picture I chose? Pretty funny, huh? See, I got you feeling good and then you got interested and checked out my post. Thanks for that, by the way!

So, there it is, some tips that I give to you, with a little NP flavor mixed in, from Caiya.

Stay posted! Read on.

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