Caiya’s Blog: The Tollemachi

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The Tollemachi

Hey guys! Today, I am showing you a new species (made from my imagination) for the world of Tarune: the Tollemachi. The Tollemachi are wolf-like creatures that rome the Nortgard Mountains.


Name: Tollemachi
Habitat: Mountainous, lots of ground cover, water source
Region: Nortgard Mountains

Physical characteristics: torso (8-10 ft at the shoulder), large jaw that can crush a Redwood tree, razor sharp, X-shaped teeth, muscular legs (like a horse), large paws used for climbing, no tail.

Age range: Up to 250-300 winters old

Diet: Despite it’s large teeth, this fearsome animal eats plants. Its claws and teeth are for¬†showing off, crushing the bark of trees and defense.


Finished! The Tollemachi is frightening, but supposedly a gentle giant. Don’t judge a book by its cover!


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