Caiya’s Blog: The Travels of Kei, the Arrogant Oslyn – Part II

Hey guys! So today I decided to continue Kei’s letters, better known as: The Travels of Kei, the Arrogant Oslyn.

Today, Kei attached a fantastic drawing to his note, and he seems to be in a large tree-fort.


image1 (8)
Dearest Kanashi and family,

Today, I went to find some food for my group, and since there is such a big group of people, I got left behind. Isn’t that just splendid?

Do not worry yourself about me, even though I don’t blame you if you do — I am rather fantastic.

Anyway, I found a tribe of people native to the land, and luckily one of them understood me. Apparently, they live in magnificent tree forts all in a secret mountainous cove. (I hope none of them read this, for I exposed their location.)

There is a large lake in the center and they worship the Nelthottolk, a huge, deadly creature they trapped in the lake. They have established a bond with the creature and give sacrifices to it.

I am part of the Hunting Troupe, and (like always) am fantastic and bring in a load every time, not just for the people, but for the Nelthottolk, too, which they have been calling Yami-Yami, which (in their language) means Large, Wise, [and] Deadly.

Anyway, even though my hygiene isn’t in the best condition, I am happy here. It is spiritual, and over makes me a better person (well, better than I already am).

I have promised the chief that I would stay for a time, so I will visit as soon as I can. Your favorite brother,

Yay! More to come!
(Sorry this post was so short, I’m tired…. And there’s pizza!)


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