Caiya’s Blog: The Travels of Kei, The Arrogant Oslyn (Part III)

Hey guys! I am going to continue on to Part 3 of The Travels of Kei, an Arrogant Oslyn, because I simply enjoy writing it, and I find it fascinating.


Dear Kanashi and Family,

It has been almost two full winters without you, and I miss you guys, but I am sure you missed me (because who wouldn’t?).

Anyways, I have been helping with hunting for the Tribe, and I learned they call themselves the Hatchuwatchi, so that is why I haven’t been communicating to you in a while.

I shall seek out council with them to see when I can continue my travels, with supplies (if they are generous to give me some) and (hopefully) a horse.

I have caught many an animal, and the cooks here are fantastic. I shall draw you a picture with my adept artistry skills about the creatures we hunt and the culinary fit for a king (which, in my world, is me).

I hope to hear from you soon, Your glorious brother,

Kei must be loving the food so much, and he was so anxious to get back to it, that he wrote a short letter to his family.

Anyways, thanks for reading. Stay posted!


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