Corwyn Du’Serradyn

Corwyn Du'Serradyn's saying 55

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 185 lbs.

Birthplace: Silverton, Aldara

Preferred Weapon: Enchanted hand-and-a-half sword ~ Taryn

Unique Ability: Heart’s Eye

Corwyn is a character study in confliction. From an early age, he was forced to battle between his commitments to his family and those commitments thrust upon him by others. Having lost his parents at a young age, he was soon after taken from the only family he had left, his brother Alec, and sent off to the Glass Tower to begin his training as an Oslyn.

He flourished under the tutelage of the great Oslyn masters, but never truly felt at home at the Glass Tower. Always yearning to return to his hometown of Silverton in the northernmost reaches of Aldara and reconnect with his brother, he never gained the comfort with his growing skillsets that the other Oslyn cadets did. According to his closest friend at the tower, the talented and self-assured Wren, Corwyn’s biggest problem was that he thought too much about what he couldn’t do, and trusted too little in what he could.

Still and all, Corwyn’s battle prowess and martial skill increased greatly, as did his ability to tap into his Heart’s Eye, that place in an Oslyn’s being that allows them an almost magical capacity to heighten all of their senses to the peak of human potential. It was this ability, along with fate’s ever-unexpected involvement, that led Corwyn to Velladriana.

Conflicted again by a new duty having been thrust upon him, Corwyn must now battle his insecurities and jumbled emotions as he endeavors to keep the Pride safe, leading her on a journey whose final destination is a mystery even to himself.

Corwyn and Velladriana’s connection is far deeper and more powerful than either one realizes. What is this strange bond that attaches them to each other? How will it affect the world around them? How much will they both sacrifice to save the Known Kingdoms of Tarune?

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