Crispin Claxis

Crispin Claxis' sayings 55

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 166 lbs.

Birthplace: Locksdale Foothills, Canodria

Preferred Weapon: Spell casting

Preferred Spell: Orb of Light

It is not easy to be born into nobility. Just ask Crispin Claxis, grandson of the Grand Magus Prespertin Claxis of the Clan Claxis. Dealing with all the trappings and responsibilities that are inherent in the lifestyles of the ruling elite are difficult enough. Royal galas, grand balls and noble hunting forays can tax the constitution of even the hardiest noble, add to that being the grandson of a national hero and the social commitments become endless. Crispin was fully prepared to deal with a life spent coping with the rigors of high-class parties and events. Along with avoiding any semblance of work or responsibility, looking down on the lower classes was what he did best. That was, of course, until he was discovered to have a Life Spark of the Magics. Furthermore, that Spark extended to the Strand of Necromancy.

As a neophyte of the Necromancers, his life has now been turned upside down as all the luxury and comfort he has known all his life has been exchanged for dedication to the School of the Soul. It is a dedication he never wanted, and one he can hardly believe he must now endure. With his noble existence traded away for the coarse robes of the Necromancers, his outlook on life is grim indeed. To make matters worse – if that were even possible – the accompaniment of a lower class, wise-mouthed commoner who hardly knows her place has him wishing he were never born. What secrets does this spoiled noble conceal? How can this seemingly inept, useless brat change the course of events in a world headed for war?

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