Doing the Excited Dance!

We as humans have some very interesting physiological responses when it comes to reacting to nervousness. Like what? Well, let’s see. Our core temperature rises. Our palms get sweaty. Our heart rate increases. We are given to perspire uncontrollably. We fidget, we pace, we start doing the pee-pee dance even though we really don’t have to go. In other words, we wear nervousness on our sleeves.

Now, if we take this analysis a step further, the next question we have to ask is, “When else do we respond in a similar manner?”

The answer is simple: when we get excited. It is not just a similar response, either. It is the identical response. We go through the exact same physical reactions. Sweat, fidgeting, heart rate, pee-pee dance, all of it is exactly the same when we are nervous or excited. Think about it, both conditions lead us to the same place.

That brings up another interesting question, “Are we nervous, or are we just really excited?”

With the launch of the Necromancers’ Pride online store now just days away, I’ll tell you any nervousness we might feel is quickly being replaced by excitement. The work D.W. has done is extensive and extraordinary. The contributions from Caiya and Jason have been fantastic. Everyone in the Necromancers’ Pride family is waiting anxiously to see the next step in the evolution of the world. Hey, even I have been doing my part – not to brag, but I’ve been kind of awesome.

Anyway, I’m here to tell you that we are all excited beyond belief to bring new ways for you to interact with¬†this world. The time is coming soon.

And remember, unless you really have to pee, that dance doesn’t mean you are nervous, it means you are excited. Life is great when you are excited.

What excites you the most about the styles you have seen?

This is your community. Share with us.

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