Dolthaia's saying 55

Height: 5’1″

Weight: 100 lbs.

Birthplace: Medlin, Canodria

Preferred Weapon: Dagger/Spell Casting

Preferred Spell: Illusory Deception

Orphaned at a young age, Dolthaia and her sister grew up on the unforgiving streets of the Canodrian capitol city of Medlin. Gifted with a quick wit, a penchant for getting out of trouble (most of which she initiated) and lightning fast reflexes, she became a very able and effective pickpocket. She and her sister scraped together as meager an existence as they could until her sister was kidnaped and taken from her. Distraught and without hope, Dolthaia thought her life over until it was discovered that she had a Spark of the Magics in the Strand of Necromancy.

Accepting the offer of training proposed by the Necromancers (though, in truth, the Necromancers never offer – they order), she embarked down the path of magical study as a Necromantic neophyte. Joined by a spoiled noble, she now finds herself embroiled in the greatest fight the Known Kingdoms have ever experienced, with the very fate of mankind held in the balance. Will her Necromantic skills keep her safe in the war to come? How will her presence influence events surrounding the Pride?

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