Eryk's saying 55

Height: 6’0″

Weight: 201 lbs.

Birthplace: Silverton, Aldara

Preferred Weapon: Saber with spike covered pommel and Mace

Preferred Technique: Jab-cross combination

Few people have the hand speed to match Eryk’s wicked one-two combination. Fewer still have the verbal dexterity to keep up with his ceaseless comments and scathing wit. Eryk is one of the funniest people and best fighters he knows, a fact he is only too willing to share with anyone who will listen. In fact, his knack for fighting is matched only by his penchant for wooing the ladies – again, a skill on which he is more than willing to elaborate. Having grown up in the rough town of Silverton, he bounced around the northland frontier throughout his formative years. Extremely intelligent and wise in the ways of the shady dealings of the trappers, skinners and rogues that people the communities that border the mighty Nortgard Forest, Eryk took advantage of his quick fists and quicker wit to learn how to survive. A very capable fighter, he exchanged pure skill for the rowdy tactics preferred by the scoundrels and brawlers that frequented the taverns at which he worked as security. He was equally as good at ending fights as he was at starting them.

He now finds himself mired in the last place he would want to be, between the magics of the Necromancers and the target they will stop at nothing to acquire. Having never been one to respond well to authority, he is now in a position in which he never thought he would find himself, the noble side of an endeavor. Will he be able to put aside the shady dealings of his past and find the honorable warrior that resides somewhere within him? Will his bravery help to keep the Pride safe, or will his often reckless bravado get them into more trouble than they can handle?

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