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Hello Everyone! Happy Friday!

Today is the dramatic conclusion of this two-part story of the early history of Tarune.

As with all my blogs, this is just my take on the history of Tarune. Wouldn’t it be cool if it was real?

After Kaxier was banished. Something felt strange… Kaxier’s presence was still looming over the travelers. Little did they know, Kaxier would return, stronger than ever. He attacked with twice the power her originally had. Ertothoul battled Kaxier with all the energy he could muster, but alas, Ertothoul was defeated in combat. The Tarunians believed there was no hope in sight…

Calling upon the magics that Ertothoul taught them, the Tarunians sent their bodies to a mysterious realm, the Median. There, they found Ertothoul’s spirit, meandering in the Median. Ertothoul drained what he had left of his life spark into the travelers’ life spark so that a part of him would always be with them. With the Tarunians stronger in spiritual proportions, they collectively decided to attack Kaxier. The Tarunians conjured the energy that Ertothoul had given them and defeated Kaxier in the wild battle for the survival of the Tarunians.

In conclusion, both Ertothoul and Kaxier were no longer living on the earthen planes of existence, and the new Tarunian settlers constructed a society, a society that was divided though. The separation between them were followers of the Oracles, and the followers of Kaxier who were given the name of Necromancers due to Kaxier’s spiritual resurrection to combat the Oracles and the Tarunians.

Well that’s all for this week!  I had lots of fun creating my own interpretation of History and I hope you had fun reading!! As always Priders, see ya next week!

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