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Friday is here! Christmas is on its way! Plenty of Yuletide cheer and merriment abound. Pass the eggnog, get the lights up and hang the mistletoe. There are so many preparations we go through in feeling like we are “ready” for the holidays. I find it curious that we feel the need to be “ready” to celebrate with loved ones. I chalk it up to the marketing of the seasons.

We start getting Christmas marketing before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving adds start running before Halloween. Halloween begins to be prepped for even before summer ends. Pretty soon, “Christmas in July” won’t just be an old cliche, it will be part of the new add cycle. Marketing is here to stay. In a 24 hour a day information whirlwind, people can let you know what is going on well before it even goes on.

So, with that in mind, amid the lights and the eggnog and the mistletoe, we want to roll out some of our marketing. Marketing for what, you might ask? Well … just marketing for our book, that’s all. Wait for it (shameless plug to follow), Necromancers’ Pride – Quest for Elderstone, due out in January 2014. Take a look at the video¬†below.

So, what did you think? We hope you liked it and that it piqued your interest in the book. You see, marketing is not a bad thing. It is a an essential weapon in the arsenal of anyone who wishes to get their creation out into the world. In the past, marketing was handled solely by ad agencies, marketing firms and publishing companies. Now, the independent artist can take full control of the information flow. It can be frightening at times, but it is also incredibly invigorating in the challenge it presents.

D.W. and I are proud to be independently publishing our novel. We are excited to present to you interesting new ways to merge digital medial with the printed word. We look forward to interacting with you through Necromancers’ Pride in many ways and across multiple platforms.

It is an exciting time. Thanks for being here with us.

What kind of marketing best gets your attention? In what ways can we better interact with you?

This is your community. We want to hear from you.

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