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Martial Arts: Gze Kunan Dei

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday!

If I were to create a martial arts system in the Known Kingdoms, this would be my take on it. As a huge fan of the world of Necromancers’ Pride, I just love imagining what the world might be like. I hope you enjoy my imaginary take on the world!

On the contrary to love and compassion, we have my perception of an anthological¬†martial arts form in the Known Kingdoms. Gze Kunan Dei, or “Way of Energy”.

Gze Kunan Dei’s origins come from the elite military of Canodria, the Canodrian Red Cougars. From training day one to academy graduation, soldiers learn deadly techniques and the fundamentals of Gze Kunan Dei. The focus of Gze Kunan Dei uses the opponent’s energies and weight to their advantage. From something as simple as a punch or a takedown from the ground, Gze Kunan Dei has a technique for that specific purpose. In the real world, some may identify Gze Kunan Dei as modern day Krav Maga (Israeli Martial Arts).

The Red Cougars train exhaustively to their mental and physical “breaking point” to continue the fight no matter what the circumstances. They would much rather swing their lifeless arm at their foe before giving up. Their training establishes a prudent sense of awareness outside the battlefield. But on the battlefield, these soldiers will show no mercy.

During the ongoing abeyant conflict of Canodria – Medoic, Red Cougars train anxiously to get onto the battlefield and defeat their foe. King Tharster of Medoic knows about the Red Cougars’ training and is willing to accept the challenge. Medoic’s elite fighting force is training too. Its just a matter of time before the two armies clash.

Join me next week when we cover the fighting style of Medoic’s elite fighting force, the “Kings Guard”.

See ya next week!

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