Jason’s Blog: Lore of Tarune (Part I)

DISCLAIMER: This is my interpretation of the lore of Tarune. I think this would be a cool addition to the world of Necromancers Pride.

Lore: A General History of the Beginning of Tarune

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday!

Today, with the help of Marty McFly and Doctor Emmet Brown, we will travel back in time to witness the formation of the first magical societies!

Long ago in Tarune, there were two entities that roamed a seemingly vast, unending plane of existence. One spirit was pure at heart and wanted to help the new settlers on Tarune to prosper. The other entity wanted to enslave the new settlers to forge an army of sin and evil that would engulf Tarune in eternal darkness. The settlers named the Pure spirit, Ertothoul, and the demented spirit, Kaxier. Kaxier began to brain wash the settlers to obey his will. It was working. Ertothoul was furious and jumped into action. Ertothoul conjured a spell that crystalized in the form of a sphere and banished Kaxier from Tarune.

With Kaxier banished, Ertothoul helped the settlers create a society that shunned spirits like Kaxier. Thus, the Oracles were created. Ertothoul trained the settlers to channel energies through them and not to manipulate energy as Kaxier did. Once training was over, it was time to search for the perfect home. With tireless effort, the band of nomads trekked to the north of Tarune and built a tower in which everyone could live, but something was odd. To Ertothoul, there was still a hint of Kaxier’s presence that lurked in the air.

What will the new settlers have to face next in trying to establish there home? Is Kaxier truly gone? Come back next week and find out, and don’t forget to let us know what you think on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

See ya next week, everyone!

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