Jason’s Blog: Mythical Creatures – The Velcron

Mythical Creatures: The Velcron


Hello everyone! Happy Friday!

I hope your St. Patrick’s Day was great!

One side note before the blog, You might not care, but I thoroughly enjoyed the creatures in the Greek Mythology unit in my english class last year. I was recently thinking about all the intriguing creatures, and I thought to myself, I should create one!

So, if I were to create a mythological creature that the inhabitants of Tarune rumor and speculate and create lore about, it would be the Velcron.

So, what is the Velcron?

This tiny creature is quasi-like crossover between a leprechaun and a troll. It has an obnoxious nose that protrudes from its face like a gray carrot. The Velcron is reportedly seen with a brown staff it uses as a walking stick. This grotesque creature is mentioned in a commonly spoken fable to children.

“Beware the stare of the evil Velcron! One look and you are petrified and paralyzed by its hypnotic stare. Once in its clutch, there is no going back! The Velcron steals your soul and uses it for soul crystals to fund its dark and demented experiments! The one way you can avoid this creature, children, is never walk into the Nortgard alone… If you do, it will find you, even if you manage to escape, it will find you.”

– Mythological Proverb told to children.

This fable was used to scare children into not wandering into the Nortgard forest by themselves. One child wandered into the Nortgard alone and never came back. This led to speculation of its existence. Search teams went to investigate. Out of the five men that went to search for the creature, only one made it out alive. This report made the majority of the town concerned that men of the town’s watch were defeated by something that didn’t exist. That one man later died the next day in his sleep… He was only twenty-nine…

Coincidence? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Like I always say, See ya next week!

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