Jason’s Blog: The Mystery of the Silverton Mineshaft (Part I)

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Today, lore that most are unable to delineate… The Mystery of the Silverton Mineshaft

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As always, this story and its subsequent chapters are not to be considered canon in the world of Necromancers’ Pride. Rather, they are just my take on the lore already created in the world of Tarune. Wouldn’t it be cool if it did exist, though?

Orhalium is a crucial element that fuels magical energies to thrive. It is essential in many magical incantations from each of the four main Strands of the Magics. A highly sought after mineral, it is very rare and can only be obtained in the northern Nortgard Forest. In an effort to bring coin and commerce into wild region, the inhabitants of Silverton, including a Magus skilled in earthen works, opened a mine with the express goal of retreaving the highly prized stone.

After a month of hard labor excavating the mine of most of the Orhalium in the cave, a murder occurred. The leader of the operation, Mr. Fyre was brutally murdered by a devastating strike to the back of the skull with a rusty pickaxe. The murderer was also murdered … but by whom? That still remains a mystery to this day. The mineshaft was closed down shortly after to prevent any future murders in the cave.

Many of the townspeople in Silverton believe there are supernatural beings that haunt the mineshaft. Lower level Necromancers have entered the mineshaft, initiating seances to try and communicate with said supernatural beings, if indeed any exist there. The few Necromancers to endeavor to commune with the supposed spirits disappeared. With the secluded location of Silverton, the Necromantic hierarchy did little to discern the loss of their brethren. To the Necromancers in the distant Crag Drannon, the loss from this plane of existence of a few lower Magi was not a cause of concern. It was instead viewed as a positive, that the planes of existence beyond this one were vibrant and hungry. Travelers that have wandered aimlessly into the dangerous mineshaft are never heard from again.

It was ostensible for most of the people of Silverton that something was killing everyone intrepid enough to enter the cave. Was it possible that spirits endemic to the mineshaft kill all who trespass into their over world territory … or worse? There is only one piece of physical evidence that leaves everyone speechless and striving for answers, a tunnel that leads to a secret room with no light shining in, no trace of living presence. It is a cold, empty, dark room of stone. This curious room gives way to another theory: was it one of the miners who killed everyone, dragging the bodies to an empty area for someone or something to dispose of the bodies?

Join me next week when we delve more deeply into Mr. Fyre’s death and the potential killers in this three part series of the Mystery of the Silverton Mineshaft…

Let me know who you think the murderer might be in the comments.

See ya next week!

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