Jason’s Blog: The Nomads (Part II) – The Butcher

The Nomads Part 2: The Butcher


Hey guys! Happy Friday!

Last week I left you with some vague information for what happened to the convoy of Nomads heading to Sorilan. This week, a story: About a deadly Viper who discovers something interesting.

Huge Disclaimer: This is a fictional story, as with my other blogs. It is not actually in the world of Necromancers’ Pride, but I think it would be awesome if it was!


The Nomad company code named “Odis” was on their way to assassinate a Major in the Sorilan army. There was a bounty on the Major’s head after he and some Sorlian soldiers shut down a smuggling operation. While the company was walking through the wilderness, they stumbled into Morilander territory. That was a dangerous place to be because of the formidable foe known as the Vipers Legionaries that protect the borders of Morilan. The Nomads set their bags down for a quick pause in their journey to Sorilan.

“Take a break. We still have a lot of ground to cover.” Said the convoy leader.

But what they did not know was that they were being stalked.

In the brush a few yards away, a small patrol of Vipers waited anxiously to make a move against The Nomad crew. They sprang into action! Vipers and Nomads clashed and fought to the death. One Viper was killed and all of the Nomads perished.  On his last stand, one Nomad looked at one of the Vipers in awe. It was the infamous Butcher of Velahdris.

“The Butcher…” he murmured with his dying breath.

The Vipers searched the defeated Nomad’s rucksacks, finding a crucial clue to the location of the constantly moving gang. It was a note with coordinates written in bold print.

“What is it?” The Butcher handed the note to the Viper’s lead scout, who studied it with perplexity.

“My home town,” the scout finally replied.

“Then you know how to take us there? This may be a rendezvous location.”

The Viper scout looked emboldened, drawing his lips back in a sneer. “Yes I can. Follow me!”

The patrol headed south, toward a river leading into Daldra.

The Butcher pondered their fate. ‘What obstacle will we face in the near future?’


Yes, I know, ANOTHER three part series. There just isn’t enough room to cover this story in only two parts! Join me again next week to find out what happens to the Butcher and the Nomads.

As always everyone, see ya next week!

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