Jason’s Blog: The Seven Mystical Wonders of Tarune – The Forgotten Lair/Valley of Souls (Part 2)

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday!

Today is the conclusion of the mini-series of The Forgotten Lair/ Valley of Souls. I hope you all enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: All content stated in this blog is fictional to add to the fantasy of Necromancers Pride. This is not a part of the actual storyline, but I think it would be great if it was.

Quick review from last week: The Forgotten Lair was a prison the Therak’Onian Empire used to hold captive Lyndrians, until Necromancers attacked and claimed the fortress. All of the souls that died in the fight, were trapped in Soul Crystals for magical experimentation.

That battle was intense, but during the Apocalypse of the Mourning Night, the Oracles launched a full frontal assault on the Necromancers that would forever ruin the region.. The combat was ferocious. Neither side showed clemency in the bloodbath and with the Necromancers horribly losing,they only had one option left…

Drawing all the power of the collected souls, the Necromancers unleashed a highly destructive spell blast of pure energy that killed everyone in the vicinity of The Forgotten Liar.  The onslaught ended in a draw. The souls were released into the area, damned to be forever endemic to the location of the battle. Thus, the second name, Valley of Souls.

To this day, there are no factions that occupy The Forgotten Lair. The haunted region is forever desolate. It is encased in a shroud of snow and ice, perpetually guarded by the poor souls who gave the valley its other name.

That’s all folks! Check in next week when I unveil the sixth Mystical Wonder of Tarune! See ya next week everyone!

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