Juggling life to get the jobs done.

Good day to everyone. This will be a quick one, today. There is much to do as we continue with the second installment of the Necromancers’ Pride Saga, Tides of War. 

D.W. and I are currently working on bringing two story lines together. The trick is in giving the lives of the characters the logic and reason behind their emotional decisions. We are forced to look at the characters and see how they juggle everything in their personal lives with the internal struggles that drive them along. We take this work very seriously. As such, we look to ourselves to see what we juggle in our own lives as we work to move the story forward.

Let’s see, we all have to juggle family, friends, work (sometimes multiple jobs), chores and a myriad other factors that enter our lives in the day-to-day. Trust me, all these factors are every bit as daunting as fighting a band of rouges or demon hordes bent on world domination.


In the last two hours alone, I have personally had to juggle getting the kids dressed, fed, and off to school. Many thanks to my beautiful wife, Chrissy, for aid in that department. Along with that, I am knee deep in laundry, multiple business phone calls, emails and meeting set-ups. All this, while diving into world building in the kingdoms of Tarune (oh, yes, and writing this post, too).

I say all this to express the point that life moves along. Everything is vital. All these tasks must be accomplished. Don’t let the amount of work you have to do diminish your drive to get it done. Best way to start…is to START! Dive in there and get your hands dirty. You will be surprised by how much you can accomplish when you have much to accomplish.

That having been said, it is time for me to to get back into doing what I love, building the world of Necromancers’ Pride. Good travels to you!

How do you juggle all the jobs and tasks in your life in order to do what needs to be done?

This is your community.  We want to hear from you.

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