Laycindial's saying 55Laycindial

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 122 lbs.

Birthplace: Nortgard Mountains, Aldara

Preferred Weapon: Spell casting

Preferred Spell: Prismatic Shield

A descendent of Dandridin, Laycindial is a Magus of great power and wisdom. Gifted with extraordinary levels of ability, she is able to navigate the shadowy alter-world of the Median with a skill rare in this age. A master of transfiguration, she is capable of wondrous feats of magical accomplishment. Having studied her entire life under the kind and watchful eye of Dandridin has given her a strong constitution tempered with the delicate sensibilities of one who would see all life of all the goodly beings on Tarune preserved.

She is as committed to finding the Pride as is Dandridin, wanting nothing more than to play an integral part in teaching the Pride to control the massive power of the Magics. Doubt exists within her, though, doubt as to whether she can guide the Pride through the difficult trials of magical mastery. Can she be the guiding light that will assist Dandridin in teaching the Pride to control powers that can both save humanity, or ultimately destroy it? Can she be a light to guide the savior of the world through the darkness that is spreading throughout the lands?

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