Magic does exist … dammit!

There are all sorts of magic in the world. The magic of a first kiss. The magic of hearing your child cry for the first time. There is magic in giving selflessly of yourself to others. Magic is a wonderful thing that ignites creativity, inspires greatness and sows the seeds of perpetual inventiveness in all of us. Of course, there is no way to quantify it. Science scoffs at it, but it exists. It exists as surely as do any of the most fanciful constructs of our imagination.

Dragons fly through the clouds above us. Serpents roam the darkest depths of the seven seas. The undead lurk in the shadowy recesses of every mist shrouded cemetery, and mighty heroes abound to protect us from them all. They all exist because we create them. The live because we give them life. That is the magic that is inherent in every tale. Ghost stories chill us to the bone, while stories of heroic deeds inspire us to strive for a touch of that greatness that we see in ourselves.

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Yes, magic exists in this world. In the spirit of the season, we see it all around us. Carolers capture it in their songs, however off-key they may sometimes be. Santas jovially bellow it out with every laugh from every mall where children gather to be photographed with them. Writers whisk us away to imagined lands made real through the usage of carefully crafted words dripping with it.

Magic is real.

Here is the beautiful thing about magic, it exists in all of us. As D.W. and I write, I am constantly reminded of how wonderful it is to recognize that magical touch. Believe me, it takes a very powerful sort of magic to be able to put up with D.W. everyday. So you see, it does exist.

Where do you find magic in your life? How can you share your magic with others?

This is your community. We want to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “Magic does exist … dammit!

  1. Loxi says:

    Every day holds something magical. It could be the smile from a stranger, the formation of clouds, seeing the same squirrels playing in the park each morning. Magic lives on the inside — it’s just that we have to take the time to slow down and recognize it. Life just doesn’t happen. We have to make it happen. My two cents. 🙂

  2. Deana says:

    When you are thinking of someone and almost instantly your phone rings, or they’ve texted you! Magic! Or you do something nice for someone else, no matter how big or small, with the right intention it will come back to you. Usually almost immediately! If you’re paying attention 🙂 Magic happens!

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