Magic in the world of Tarune (Part II)

Last week, we discussed the origins and basic structure of magic in the Necromancers’ Pride Saga. This week, we will break down the four main schools, or Strands, of the magics in further detail.

Enjoy your journey.


Battle Magi:  From the Strand of Evocation, the Battle Magi evoke the powers of the magics to harness energy and manipulate it, both in form and function.  The Battle Magi can harness the power of the elements, along with the energies derived from the planet’s jewel core, to powerful effect.  They are able to conjure bolts of powerful energy, summon winds of gale force, erect battlements of impregnable minerals, and create all manner of enchanted weaponry, to name but a few of their gifts, all in the pursuit of manipulating the energies of the magics.  As their abilities and the spells they are capable of casting have the capacity to be devastatingly destructive, they earned over time the moniker of Warrior Magus, now known as Battle Magi.  As far fewer exist today than in the past prior to the Mourning Night, their value to the armies of the Known Kingdoms is extremely high.  An army with only a few of these powerful Magi can wreak havoc in battle, making a small contingent of soldiers easily a match for much larger armadas.

Healers:  From the Strand of Perception and Balance, Healers are exactly what their name suggests.  They are the curers of disease and guardians of wellbeing on Tarune.  From the lowliest apothecary to the most accomplished of noble physicians, Healers use the energies of the magics to founder stability, calm and health in every aspect of life.  Mental, physical and spiritual harmony is their goal. Able to cure all manner of malady and injury, their position in an army is every bit as important as is that of a Battle Magi.  The polar opposite of Battle Magi, Healers seek to put back into balance what they feel the destructive powers of the Battle Magi tear asunder. A gifted Healer is a rare and truly amazing find.  There is no kingdom in which accomplished Healers are not welcomed with open arms.

Oracles:  From the Strand of the Metaphysical, Oracles utilize energies derived from the mind and the harnessing of the spirit to serve as conduits to the magics.  Oracles can employ a wide variety of defensive spells, spells of nurturing and spells of divination to interact with their world.  Their Life Flame is an amazing display of their powers, and is perhaps one of the most powerful spells wielded by any Magi of any of the Strands of the Magics.  One thousand years ago, the Oracles had a division of power, with the sect known as the Mad Oracles seeking to purge the world in what they felt were their powers of purification. These powers were manifest in the Life Flame spell. They sought to purge the world of any energies they felt were dark or negative.  In their madness and insatiable lust for power, they threatened to destroy the world by cleansing it of the other Strands of the Magics.  Only the Necromancers, the mirror opposites of the Oracles in the alignment of the Strands of the Magics, were powerful enough to stop them.

Necromancers:  From the Strand of the Transcendental, Necromancers utilize the power that lies in the transcendence of life to death to channel and utilize the elemental and universal energies of the magics.  Popularly known as the School of Death by the masses, though referred to by the Necromancers themselves as the School of the Soul, the once shunned Necromancers are now looked upon as saviors, having stopped the out-of-control Oracles at the apocalyptic Mourning Night. The Necromantic Strand is the mirror opposite of the Oracle Strand, and as such, made them the only hope of stopping the power mad faction of Oracles who sought to control the world.  Though not Battle Magi, Necromancers can employ a wide variety of offensive spells, while their powers in dealing with death offer their own form of healing.

We hope this has shed some light for you on the intricate and layered role of magic (or the Magics, as it is referred to on Tarune) and its place in the world of Necromancers’ Pride. We look forward to bringing you more information about the world next week.

Until then, read on.

If you had the Spark, which Strand of the Magics do you think would be right for you?

This is your community. We want to hear from you.


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