Mama Weaver

Mama Weaver's saying 55

Height: 5’2″

Weight: 95 lbs.

Birthplace: Bronell’s Ridge, Therid

Preferred Weapon: Dradar

Preferred Spell: Wind Song

There was a time when Mama Weaver was one of the greatest Weavers on Tarune. The whole of the Known Kingdoms would speak of her transcendent abilities. Kings and queens would vie to have her attend them at court, and more than one noble offered her his hand in the hopes of winning such a sought after prize. It was even rumored – and widely accepted – that she was in contention for the illustrious position of Great Muse. She had the world in the palm of her hands, which was what made her disappearance all the more curious and confusing.

Mama Weaver left her royal courtiers, lavish parties and whirlwind lifestyle and vanished from the spotlight, seemingly without a trace. No one could understand how anyone could give up all the power, fame and fortune that she was amassing. Yet give it all up she did. Becoming a recluse, she disappeared into the beautiful and untamed wilderness of the Nortgard Forest. There she lives as an oddity. Few if any of the trappers, hunters, loggers or skinners know of her past. They simply know her as the ‘crazy old hag of the woods.’ Having lived close to Silverton, she knew Corwyn’s parents and watched him grow, seeing his potential far before even the Oslyn did. Why did she give up all of her potential greatness to live as a nomad in the dangerous beauty of the Nortgard Forest? Why is she so keen on setting Corwyn and Velladriana down the path to their destiny? What does she truly know of the Pride?

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