Necromancers’ Pride: Spell Casting – Mystical Forging


Spells: Mystical Forging

Strand: Battle Magi

School: Weapon Master

Primary component minerals: Steel, granite, ruby, quartz

Application: Weapons

Process: Spell casting can take from one afternoon to an entire week, stopping only for short periods of rest of no more than fifteen minutes, depending on the complexity of the weapon being forged. The forge must be heated to at least 1000 degrees in order to properly fuse the magics with the weapon being created.

Despite typical misconceptions, the type of weapon does not determine the time of the spell casting or creation. It is the power of the enchantment being placed on the weapon that determines the length of spell casting. The requisite component minerals listed above are spent in the conjuring of the magics necessary for the enchantment: they do not constitute the materials necessary to create the weapon itself.

Once the metal, wood or stone to be created has been enchanted, the forging of the magical weapon may commence. The skill of the Magus at the forge is of primary importance in determining the time of creation. Once a forge has been used as a place for magical enchantment, it lends a certain strength to any weapon forged there, whether any magics are used on that weapon or not. As such, those forges are highly prized and vigorously defended. Once an item is enchanted, the forge must be given at least one full night of non-use in order to restore the balance of the magical energies inherent in the stone of the forge.

It is a rare usage of the magics with the lessening numbers of Battle Magi that exist. A truly powerful magical weapon is now a rare and extremely valued artifact.

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