Height: 5′ 10″

Weight: 114 lbs.

Birthplace: Gren Vale, Medioc

Preferred Weapon: Spell casting

Preferred Spell: Shadow Dominion/Fury Skull

The Necromantic Strand of the Magics holds many dark, powerful secrets. It is a multifaceted Strand that has at its core the manipulation of the energies that govern death in its multitude of facets. Each Necromancer tends to typically excel in one facet more than the others. It is rare that a Necromancer has dominion over all the different aspects of the School of the Soul. Lord Cartigas is perhaps the only Necromantic Magus that truly controls all the manifestations of the dark magics. Even Lord Cartigas, though, admires Niantha’s ability to manipulate the energies required to control the dangerous and powerful shades. Shades are dark souls of evil beings that have been corrupted into perverse entities in their time in the planes beyond this life.

Known as the Mistress of Shades, Niantha is able to summon the energies needed to control the dark creatures and bend their will to her own. Along with Ronulen and Larther, Ninatha makes up one third of the Dark Trinity that governs the Necromancers below only Lord Cartigas himself. Ninantha is power hungry and unscrupulous at her core, stopping at nothing to curry her master’s favor and improve her position in the dread ranks of the Necromancers’ growing armada. Only time will tell if her pursuit for power will give her the prominence she seeks, or if it will completely consumer her in the process.

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