Omar K. Mills, got his COPIES!


with all 3 NPs Omar

In His Own Words. The readers book reviews on Amazon:

Quest for Elderstone

A Masterpiece!

Easily one of the best works of fiction ever penned. Charles has managed to take a genre that is usually overly verbose for the sake thereof and actually make it understandable (and therefore more enjoyable). Whether you are a fan of fantasy works or not you will enjoy this book simply because it is a wonderful story. Cannot wait for book 2!

LOL, he left out D.W. on the review, but I’m good with that. I did all the heavy lifting anyway.

Tides of War


Rarely are sequels as good as the original. Tides of War has that “Empire Strikes Back” feel where you can sense this whole thing building into something epic. The writing team of Jones and Carpenter did not disappoint!

NOOOOOO, as you see, he wasn’t consistent in leaving D.W. out of the acknowledgements. Hopefully he will turn back to form for book 3.

Super Fan Mills, D.W. and I thank you for your time and love given to the world we have created. Can’t wait for your book 3 review.

Now, that Necromancers’ Pride – Storm of Shadows is here, pick up your copy and enjoy the adventure.

What story lines are you looking forward to reading about?

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