Our world is a character unto itself.


We recently received a very nice review on Amazon from one of our readers. In it, she spoke of the world we have built, and how the locales and environments in which the characters existed were almost like characters of their own. This really mean a lot to us, as D.W. and I have worked diligently to create the world of Necromancers’ Pride to be fully immersive, layered and complex. We want you to feel as though there is always something around the corner, that the world exists beyond what is written.

Today’s excerpt is an illustration of that. This description of the Canodrian countryside did not make it into Quest for Elderstone, but it is indicative of the level of development we have placed into making the world of Tarune a fully realized, active and textured realm. Enjoy!



Returning his gaze down to his target, he stood in silent contemplation.  With hills stretching to the north and east, they would approach using that cover, and strike from above the copse of trees.  The wide plain of undulating green grass and rocks would offer many positions to regroup.  The streams and brooks breaking across the landscape would serve as hindrance to speedy flight.  Each stream was an offshoot to the large, quickly moving Sharp River, whose banks were just barely visible around a southern hilly bend, some three miles away.  The Sharp River itself eventually fed into the huge River Ennin, which carried its mighty waters all the way through the kingdom and to the Canodrian coast.  They would begin the two-mile looping approach to their target soon. 

Necromancers’ Pride ~ (deleted excerpts)

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