Presenting new blogger, Jason Hoisington!!

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday!
My name is Jason Hoisington. I am an actor, aspiring to become a writer and a director.
I love the fascinating, diverse, magical, and extraordinary world of Necromancers’ Pride. I’m here to share my love of the saga with my new blog days! Join me every Friday! I’m officially on the Necromancers’ Pride blog!
So without any other nonsense about me, lets get to my first post!
This week:
A tribute to Tarune’s most elite and sophisticated fighting force. The defenders of Morilan,
The Viper Legionaries!
These soldiers go through extensive training to protect the small, harassed country of Morilan. During training, the recruits learn how to cope with their emotions and mask them so that is doesn’t interfere with their mental state on the battlefield. Recruits are given poison by various means throughout their training. If they survive the poisoning, they develop a resistance and demonstrate that they have what it takes to become a Viper. Vipers are given a special suit of armor laced with poison to embody the poisonous viper snake. In hand to hand combat, they can flick their wrist and dig their spiked poison laced gauntlets into the opponents’ skin, eventually killing them with poison. But are all Vipers battle hardened and emotionless?
Walk in the shoes of Reese Pelingril, a defender of the innocent and a good soul who puts his life on the line for two children he barely knew. Learn what it really means to be a true Viper from Reese.
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1 thoughts on “Presenting new blogger, Jason Hoisington!!

  1. Kim says:

    Great Post Jason – Love the details and descriptions ! ! It ‘s hard to pick just one favorite character, there are some that are pretty close in the ranks , BUT ! – I am definitely on Team Reese 🙂 Reese is tough, has excellent fighting skills and is gentle, handsome and compassionate ! He Reminds me so much of someone I know 🙂
    I can’t wait to see what he is up to in Book 4 .

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