(Bk 3) Storm of Shadows


    Corwyn and Velladriana’s must come to terms with the growing feelings they have for each other as Velladriana’s powers continue to grow at an alarming rate, serving as a beacon for all those who seek her capture. Having narrowly escaped the clutches of the Dominion of Shadows in the north, Velladriana, Corwyn and the rest of the companions know their dark pursuers will stop at nothing to capture her. Hoping to gain answers and a safe haven, they flee in search of the mysterious Oracles, thought by most to have been completely wiped out since the devastation of the Mourning Night.

    Lord Cartigas with his powers mounting, is able to summon magics to his aid that were previously thought impossible to wield. Throughout it all, his dark flock grows in strength and numbers, becoming bolder in their displays of might. Those nightmarish forces stand poised to be unleashed on all the armies of men.

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