Height: 6’6″, Weight: 301 lbs.
Birthplace: Rake’s Fingers, Aldara
Preferred Weapon: Two-handed sword
Preferred Technique: Ground and Pound

Rake’s Fingers is the huge river and tributary system deep within the Nortgard Forest. The mighty rivers and waterfalls that make up the Fingers are places of stunning natural beauty; they are also places beset by many natural dangers. It is said that only the strong survive life in the Nortgard. Well, only the exceptionally powerful survive Rake’s Fingers. Rogen is just such a person.

            Born to a hardy breed of mountain people who log, hunt, trap and fish Rake’s Fingers, Rogen grew up strong and fearless. He grew quickly, showing the physical superiority at a young age that would come to full fruition as an early adolescent. By the time Rogen was 12 winters of age, he already stood over six feet tall and weighed well over 200 pounds. By his 16th winter, he towered over most everyone else. It was his strength, though, that was most shocking. Rogen was easily as strong as any three Nortgard men.

            An independent boy born to an independent people, Rogen’s wanderlust soon took hold of him, and he ventured out into the mighty Nortgard, having many adventures. Those adventures, where he had risked his life more than once, brought him into contact with a fellow kindred spirit: a rouge named Eryk. Together, their many escapades made for incredible stories, stories made even more daring when accentuated by the many flagons of ale consumed at each telling.

            Rogen has always looked after only Eryk and himself. No one else mattered, because no one else could earn his trust. Now, not only must he trust others, but he must protect them as well. In the dark days ahead, all his power will be put to the ultimate test.