Tag your “it.”

Would you do it if no one was reading, watching or listening? Would you do it if no one but you cared? Would you do it even if it made no sense to anyone else, maybe especially because it made no sense to anyone else?

What is “it?”

That, my friends, is what you have to ask yourselves. D.W. and I have been asking ourselves those question quite a bit, as of late. I think they are questions most artists ask themselves. Indeed, I think they are questions most people ask, only artists seem more likely to voice them aloud. Zany, nutty artists!

What is your “it?” What is that thing that makes you get up at all hours of the night because you were suddenly struck by the lightning bolt of inspiration? What do you do that makes you feel fulfilled, whether others see the results or even care about them?


Wikipedia says a writer is a person who uses written words in various styles and techniques to communicate ideas.

As I write these daily posts, I get closer and closer to my “it,” everyday. I love to write. It is in my blood, literally stamped into my DNA. I have been told my blood type is A2Z positive. I love words, smithing them, playing with them, creating new ways to combine them, it is hardwired into who I am. If nobody were to ever read this post, I would still feel fulfilled for having written it.

My “it” motivates me to do more. “It” inspires me to keep going, to constantly strive to be better. “It” makes me want to give you the best stories of which I am capable, and to constantly push that capability.

Would I do this if you were not reading, watching or listening?

Damn right I would … though, I am glad you are reading, watching and listening.

What’s yours “it?”

This is your community. We want to hear from you.

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