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Caiya’s Blog: Casting Choices

All righty, then. Let’s get this show on the road with the cast. I want to post a variety of posts and we can’t linger on a particular subject forever! So! With that, let’s get started. I have a lot more ideas about casting, but I want to mix things up a bit. So, next […]

Introducing Gascon

Darkness comes in many shades. What do I mean by that? Simply put, good and evil, as I have stated in the past, are not always black and white. In point of fact, that is seldom the case. That is what makes the world so interesting. People are motivated by needs and goals that they […]

Conflicts and Resolutions

Conflict, we are surrounded by it. ¬†From the older sibling pulling the younger sibling’s hair to the clash of two world superpowers, conflict and its resolution are an integral component of the human condition. So too, is conflict integral to your story. Without conflict, there is no scene. Without its resolution, there is no impetus […]

Villains are people, too.

What is it that truly captures our hearts and minds when it comes to storytelling? Well, you have to have a great plot. You need to engage readers with interesting locations and colorful descriptions. You also need enough twists and turns to keep the readers on their proverbial toes. However, the bottom line most important […]

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