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Fan Art Favorites: Dolthaia

Hey guys! So, today I’m writing about Dolthaia. I’ve written about her before, but essentially I’m going to state why she’s the most awesome character ever. She deals with Crispin, has an amazingly determined attitude, and a rockin’ haircut. She’s gone through a lot, mostly alone, and learned to survive and help herself…unlike Crispin. But, […]

Of Friendship and Thanks

Necromancers’ Pride is a story of survival. It is a story of hope. It is a story of duty, duty to those weaker than oneself, duty to responsibilities larger than oneself and duty to commitments more important than oneself. It is a story about overcoming adversity. Necromancers’ Pride is, in short, a story about life. […]

Caiya’s Blog: Rose’s Story (Part II)

Hey guys! Sorry to keep you in suspense, but I finally thunk you are ready for Part Two of Dolathia’s story. Ready? Here we go! ********************************* 3 hours later, after I read and reread the note that came with the girl– Rose, I should say, woke up. Finally. “Huh?” she says. “Good, you’re up. Now–tell […]

Caiya’s Blog: Rose

Hello people! Once again, today is Wednesday, and I shall be doing another post (this is what you are reading right now). I know, I am apparently being Captain Obvious – anyway! Today I will recount my day very quickly, then on to the actual passage. Enjoy!   Today (Wednesday) is sad for me because […]

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