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Jason’s Blog: The Drygonel

  Seabeasts: The Drygonel Hello Everyone! Happy Friday! I want to give a shout out to Caiya (my fellow blogger), for including me in her blog this week. I had the pleasure of meeting Caiya over the weekend, as well as the authors of Necromancers’ Pride, and we had a fantastic time! Disclaimer: As with all […]

Creatures of Tarune

Mysterious creatures abound in the pages of fantasy fiction. Literature is full of fanciful creations that both frighten and amaze. On Earth, dragons, dwarfs, pixies and elves, to name but a few, have stories told about them that are legend. They are creatures oft spoken of, yet never seen (at least, I have unfortunately not […]

Magic does exist … dammit!

There are all sorts of magic in the world. The magic of a first kiss. The magic of hearing your child cry for the first time. There is magic in giving selflessly of yourself to others. Magic is a wonderful thing that ignites creativity, inspires greatness and sows the seeds of perpetual inventiveness in all […]

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