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Caiya’s Blog: A Day in the Life – Healers

A Day in the Life of a Healer Hey guys! So, today I am planning to write about what to do if you plan to be a Healer in Tarune. Here is a typical day’s¬†schedule in Juilena’s Healing Spa. Juilena’s Healing Spa: because everyone needs healing through their soul, mind, and body. ********************* Once you […]

5 tips to maintain your focus.

As we work on book 3 in the Necromancers’ Pride Saga, Storm of Shadows, I am constantly reminded of how many obstacles there are to keeping focused on the task at hand. Meetings, errands, blogs, honey-do’s (far more do’s than you would think once you are married), familial obligations and business concerns are not only […]

What is the Caredon Cycle?

I have been asked to shed some light on the Caredon Cycle and how it affects the world of Tarune. Well, that would take quite awhile and would reveal plot points that will be developed as the story continues to grow. However, in order to shed what light I can without revealing too much, I […]

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