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Spirits into Saints

November 1st is celebrated around the world as All Saints Day. As we all come out of our Halloween candy comas, I want to give you a couple facts about today. Ok, here goes: All Saints’ Day is a public holiday in Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Chile, Croatia, France, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, […]

Happy Halloween!!

Ghosts and ghouls of every age, come and welcome to our new page! Happy Halloween all of you magical spooks and specters. It feels SO good to be back. We have taken some time, disappeared back into our mist shrouded forests, hidden glens and isolated castles, and emerged reborn and reinvented. Welcome to the Shield […]

Do you fear the Viper’s Legion? MAGAZINE MONDAY

Magazine Monday…ON MONDAY! We’ve got to keep you on your toes, so Magazine Monday is back to being Monday…for now. On the cover is the one and only Aragorn. He is in stealth mode, rocking his Viper’s Legion Series Symbol Snapback Cap as he melds into the shadows. Who knows what tricks he has planned? Whatever […]

Caiya’s Blog: The Maskav

Hey guys, For this week, I’m not going to do any fashion post. This week, I’m writing about the Maskav. Think of it like… an early Halloween—my favorite holiday. This post is just a figure of my imagination. It would be cool if it existed. The Maskav are a group of people, their number uncertain, […]


D.W. and I want to wish everyone a safe, happy, fantastic (and a little naughty never hurt anyone) All Hallows Eve! Take tonight to embody your favorite ranger, warrior, wizard, mystic, rogue or bard and honor the spirits with your merrymaking. We’ll see you next week! What are you going to be for Halloween? This […]

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