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Thankful Week

Thanks to many amazing people and opportunities, I have this incredible life. The ups and the downs of our mortal coil are what define us. The ebb and flow of our existence allows for us to truly appreciate the times that are good, as well as to put into perspective the times that are not. […]

Inspiration challenge!

Greetings and salutations! Caiya hit on a great theme in her blog yesterday that we want to continue. Who has inspired you in reaching your goals? Moreover, who can YOU inspire to reach theirs? Special thanks to www.bensound.com for the great music! Let us know what you think. This is your community. Share with us and don’t […]

HOW TO be Inspired!

Hey guys! So today I will do another “How to”. This one will be How to be Inspired. 1. Do something you love. Whether that be chilling with a pet, watching a rom-com, listening (or playing) music, do something that sets the tone for whatever you will do. 2. Relax. Get in your zone! If […]

The Flame

When does inspiration strike? You know, that small flame that sparks into a blazing inferno of inventive thought and creative engagement. Creativity does not work on a 24-hour clock, unfortunately. Sometime, it seems that it can be far more easily mapped using lunar cycles – one good idea every full moon. That is how it […]

Tips for fighting FEAR.

  Fear, it is a powerful emotion. It can disable you, literally. It can incapacitate you physically and mentally. As a storyteller, it can allow that most insipid of feelings to play prominently in your mind, that feeling being doubt. You doubt yourself, you doubt your work, you doubt your ability to create. However, fear […]

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