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A Caravan of Fun!

Blog – The R’Engen Caravan Hello Everyone! Today; a shorter blog about a caravan that spreads joy and entertainment through the Known Kingdoms. The R’Engen Caravan is from The Talustrian Isles. Once a year, they tour Tarune and perform fantastic acrobatics and mystical magical shows for all to see. Nobles, framers, beggars, and all are […]

The Widow Watcher (Part II)

Blog – The Widow Watcher Part 2   Holla everyone and welcometh backeth!   Today is the conclusion of The Widow Watcher. Let’s go! We last left off where Natalia discovered the name of the gang that which killed Jaimes. She wanted to ensure that the murderous and barbaric clan would eternally pay for their […]

The world of the Magics

  Happy Thursday, Priders!. We have been hard at work in creating the future of Necromancers’ Pride. This past weekend, we got together with our brilliant contributing bloggers, Caiya and Jason, and did some fantastic things that we will be sharing with you very soon! Today, though, I want to hail back to the past […]

The Known Kingdoms: The Talustrian Isles

Talustrian Isles Government: Monarchy Current Ruler: Pasha Chandris Climate: Tropical Population: 235,000 The Talustrian Isles lay claim to some of the most picturesque locales in all of the Known Kingdoms. This tropical paradise is loosely governed, depending greatly on the kingdoms of along the continental coast for protection, most especially Devgard. The powerful Devgarder navy is, in point of […]

The Known Kingdoms: Therid

Country of Therid Government: Republic Current Ruler: Grand Communal Council Climate: Mild to arid Population: 2.7 Million Therid is the melting pot of all the Kingdoms. With common borders with Canodria, Aldara, Medioc and Daldra, Therid prides itself on having the most liberal and accepting stance of country in the Known Kingdoms. A Republic, Therid elects its leaders, opting […]

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