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The Gravity Chamber

Blog – The Gravity Chamber Hello Everyone! Welcome BACK!   Today another quick blog! Today is The Gravity Chamber. Disclaimer: As always, this is just my take on the history of the world of Tarune. During the ancient era of Tarune, many of the earliest settlers were experimenting with the universe and energies around them, […]

Darcon’s Bow

Blog – Darcon’s Bow   Hello Priders! WELCOME BACK!   Today, a tale about a man who will be forever remembered as the one who cleansed sin. As always, this story is added to the fiction and lore surrounding the world of Necromancers’ Pride and is not to be taken as canon. Not too long […]

Tale of the Shadow King Finale

Blog – Tale of the Shadow King (Finale) Hello Everyone! Welcome Back! Without further ado, lets jump into the finale of the Tale of the Shadow King! Disclaimer: This story is meant solely as my fictional take on the history of the world of Necromancers’ Pride and is not to be taken as canon. One […]

Oracle Line Shoot: Behind the Scenes perspective!

Hey, guys! Today I’m going to talk about how it felt to model and pose at the Oracle Line photo shoot. It was a lot of fun, as I had my friends and fellow models there. For those of you who want to know how this certain experience was like, I’ll give you an overview of […]

What gift do you want for the HOLIDAYS?

Looking for something with which to stuff the stockings? Well, look no further. The Oracle line is here and ready for the holidays. Our exclusive apparel is of the highest quality. What’s  more, it is at prices that are so unbelievable that you’ll think it must be magic. See that…see what we did there? Magic. […]

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