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Attracting Positive Energy

Whew! Well, yesterday was an adventure. By adventure, I mean a dusty, bleach laden bonfire of the vanities, but, you’ve got to make it fun. Mundane can make you insane, so best to enjoy the process. Now that I’ve got the clutter clear, I want to give the house an energy make-over. Here are a […]

A little positivity pick-me-up.

I have always used Thursday posts as an opportunity to motivate and inspire. Ambition Thursdays, for lack of a better term. Although, if any of you Priders do have a better term, I would be more than willing to entertain some options. With the launch of our new site and online store, our work has […]

Goodness in…goodness out

I was chatting with someone the other day who was very complimentary in regards to my accomplishments. She was very happy for the success of Necromancers’ Pride (as am I). She wanted to know how I kept my energy positive in pursuing an endeavor such as writing, where the outcome is so uncertain and success […]

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