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Caiya’s Blog: Necromancers’ Pride meets the Modern World (Part V)

There are so many incredible characters in the world of Necromancers’ Pride. Trying to pick just one to focus on can be difficult. This week, though, it was pretty easy. You see, I want people to understand that fashion doesn’t just belong to the good guys. Sometimes, it is good to be bad…just don’t tell […]

Our Deepest Fear

  I love this quote. Ms. Williamson really hit it right on the head with this one. Thank you, Ms. Williamson. As Necromancers’ Pride prepares to launch in a new direction, bringing our love of the written word more interactively into the ever expanding realm of multi-media platforms, I reflect on this often. She goes […]

Introducing Laycindial

She is as powerful as she is beautiful. She is as wise as she is mysterious. Her graces will be revealed in the pages to come. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, introducing Laycindial. What facets of the magics in the world of Necromancers’ Pride intrigue you most? This is your community. We want to […]


We have a big announcement for everyone. We have said since we began this community that the novel, Necromancers’ Pride – Quest for Elderstone, would be released in January 2014. You may be thinking, well …  it is January 2014, so …? So … you are right, it is January. Now, we have an announcement. Stop […]

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