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Mama Weaver

Height: 5’2″ Weight: 95 lbs. Birthplace: Bronell’s Ridge, Therid Preferred Weapon: Dradar Preferred Spell: Wind Song There was a time when Mama Weaver was one of the greatest Weavers on Tarune. The whole of the Known Kingdoms would speak of her transcendent abilities. Kings and queens would vie to have her attend them at court, and more […]

The Weavers

Weavers:  Weavers are the eyes, ears, mouths and voices of the Known Kingdoms. Far more than bards, though most Weavers do make their way as storytellers and minstrels; Weavers command a magic that allows them to communicate over great distances. A powerful guild, which extends throughout the Known Kingdoms, Weavers use song and the power […]

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