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Magic in the world of Tarune (Part I)

Greetings, fellow travelers. This week, we wanted to introduce to you information regarding magic in the world of Necromancers’ Pride. In every fantasy realm, magic and mystical powers are governed by their own specific rules and physics. In the same manner, Tarune has its own environmental constructs and rules to which magic must adhere. Here, […]

Amazon’s #1 Hot New Release!

Thank you all for making Necromancers’ Pride – Quest for Elderstone #1 this past weekend on Amazon’s Hot New Releases List! We are so glad to have you all along on this adventure. If you haven’t downloaded a copy, CLICK HERE to get yours today! Also, people have been asking us when the paperback version will […]

Do your characters have emotion?

I was with a friend this weekend who asked me what kinds of things I look for in creating a story. “All kinds of things,” I responded. “It really just depends on what moves me at the time.” We were at a park with a beautiful lake. It was warm, with a breeze that modulated […]

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