The Known Kingdoms: Daldra

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Kingdom of Daldra

Government: Feudal system on brink of civil war

Current Ruler: Various noble houses vie for power.

Climate: Mild/Temperate climate. Harsh winters in the east.

Population: 2.9 Million

Want to get away for a quiet, bucolic setting in beautiful forests? Look no further than the Kingdom of Daldra. With the marjority of the relatively peaceful Sheltered Forest and picturesque Gren Vale within its borders, Daldra has some of the most expansive forest territory in the Known Kingdoms. Only Aldara boasts more pure forest area. All the forests and territory is not beautiful, though. The darkness of the Great Rift has seeped into the fabric of the Daldran landscape. The Crying Wood, another huge forested territory, holds some frightening secretes within its dense and shadowy confines.

All is not beautiful in Daldra, especially politically. The ruling houses have drawn against the commonwealth and now the Kingdom is torn with the threat of civil war. With the escalation of aggression between the kingdoms surrounding them, the Daldrans wait to see where they will fall in the broader landscape of war. While civil strife threatens them from within, the world around them threatens to explode like a powder keg. Only time will tell whether the Daldrans will be able to overcome both the external and internal strife that threatens to rip them apart.

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