The Known Kingdoms: The Dueling Sisters – Morilan and Sorilan

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Kingdoms of Morilan and Sorilan

Government: Monarchies

Climate: Cold

Population: 2.3 Million – Morilan / 3.5 Million – Sorilan

When one speaks of Morilan, it is only right to include Sorilan in the conversation. The Dueling Sisters, as the two kingdoms are known, are locked in a perpetual struggle against each other. The harsh climate of the northeastern Known Kingdoms has breed a hardy people with strong senses of pride and nationalism.

Morilan’s chief export is precious gems, diamonds, to be specific. The largest mines producing the finest diamonds in the Known kingdoms are in the eastern portion of Morilan’s territory. Outside of the usual desire for diamonds because of quality and cut, they also happen to be the strongest of minerals in terms of harnessing and storing the universal energy of the magics vital in the usage of spell casting for every Strand of the Magics. As such, diamonds are very prized and coveted commodities.

Fortuantely for Morlian, the small kingdom has the most feared fighting force in all of the Known Kingdoms defending the mines and territories of Morilan, the Thorn of the Ivory Crown, the dreaded Viper’s Legions. The Legions are more than just the Thorn of the Ivory Crown. They are also the thorn in the side of the kingdom of Sorlian.

Sorilan is a kingdom that is almost twice the size of its smaller neighbor. Sorilan and Morilan were once a vast kingdom, but ancient strife and wars tore the kingdom into two.

Today, Sorilan and Morilan hold an unsteady truce. The Sorilander ruling elite feel that the boundary lines were drawn improperly, leaving them with a far smaller share of the diamond mines of the region. The tensions still run high. In fact, it is the size of the much larger Sorliander army and the ferocity of the deadly Morilander Legions that prevent either kingdom from engaging in out and out war against the other. With the scars torn into Sorilan from the Great Rift, the deadly Wasting chief among them, and the rough terrain of Morilan, it is a tough and rugged land to traverse.

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