The Known Kingdoms: The Talustrian Isles

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Talustrian Isles

Government: Monarchy

Current Ruler: Pasha Chandris

Climate: Tropical

Population: 235,000

The Talustrian Isles lay claim to some of the most picturesque locales in all of the Known Kingdoms. This tropical paradise is loosely governed, depending greatly on the kingdoms of along the continental coast for protection, most especially Devgard. The powerful Devgarder navy is, in point of fact, the primary deterring force that keeps the the raiders and pirates of the deeper ocean at bay.

The weather is fairly mild for most seasons, the monsoons do come in near winter’s end, causing great flooding and devastation to certain areas. For the most part, however, the weather is a huge selling point for travel across the Stellid Ocean. Another huge selling point is all the fine woodwork and the craftsmanship of furniture that comes from the Isle. It is the supple wood of the native trees that lends to the woodworking. The trees also have the capacity to retain much of the magics within them, making for fine enchanted weapons.

All is not perfect in the Talustrian Isles. Huge creatures roam the deeper offshore waters. Though they cannot take down larger vessels, they have been known to attack smaller ships seeking port of harbor. As with most of the Known Kingdoms, the islands are far from completely tame. Terrestrial creatures also cause occasional troubles. The irritable Nastrian bear, for instance, has been known to claim more than one island goer for a meal. The indigenous peoples of the isles have also been known to become quite irritable when mainlanders (or dryfeet, as the locals call people not of the isles) tread on their sacred sites.

In all, though, the Talustrian Isles are about as close to paradise as can be found on the whole of Tarune. If you can stomach the choppy waters, fierce beasts and ruthless pirates, make sure you take the time to pay a visit to this tropical paradise!

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