The Weavers

imagesWeavers:  Weavers are the eyes, ears, mouths and voices of the Known Kingdoms. Far more than bards, though most Weavers do make their way as storytellers and minstrels; Weavers command a magic that allows them to communicate over great distances.

A powerful guild, which extends throughout the Known Kingdoms, Weavers use song and the power of oration to serve as a communication system between nations.  The strongest Weavers hold positions of prominence and authority among the courts of the greatest kings and queens of the kingdoms.

Chief among their order is The Great Muse. She is typically possessed of the most melodious voice, the greatest charisma and the most stunning beauty. Her talent in expression allows her full control of the vocal magic used by the Weavers. In their long history, there was ever only one male Great Muse. He ascended to the position shortly after the apocalypse of the Mourning Night, though his tenure was short lived. The position has ever after been held by women. Below The Great Muse, the hierarchy of order is rounded out by the Herrods. Herrods of the First, Second and Third order carry out The Great Muse’s wishes and oversee the workings of the guild.

Though all Weavers performers, not all performers are Weavers. Many a musician and bard lay claim to being Weavers, in order to take advantage of the prestige associated with them. However, once their inability to create a Wind Song is apparent, the community that discovered their ruse usually ostracizes them. Such is the life of a wandering minstrel. The Weavers have been gifted the ability to summon the universal magic through their voices and send messages hundreds of miles away; the most powerful of whom can send their messages thousands of miles at a song.

Wind Song:  The mystical song sung by Weavers to communicate over thousands of miles across the Known Kingdoms, wherein they tap into the vocal and auditory energy emitted from the planet Tarune and harness it to their communicative needs.

We hope this has shed light on one of the more unique character classes in the world of Necromancers’ Pride. Next week, we will share with you more insights into the world.

What kind of talent do you possess that would set you apart as a Weaver?

This is your community. We want to hear from you.

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