The Widow Watcher (Part I)

Blog – The Widow Watcher Part 1

Hello Everyone! WELCOME BACK!

DISCLAIMER: As with all of my written content, they are fictional tales and are not included into the lore of Necromancers’ Pride.

Today and next week, a story about a woman seeking a darker form of revenge.

In the capital of Duntheir in the Principality of Vost lived a peaceful couple on the outskirts of the city. They lived an easy life with few worries, for they were one of the wealthiest families in the region. Their names were Jaimes and Natalia Rytellikak, from Lyndria. They met whilst escaping Therak’Onian captivity and crossing the border into Sorilan where they stole horses and rode to Duntheir, making their fortune as goldsmiths.


One perfectly normal night, as the couple was getting ready to got to sleep, a cell of raiders stormed their house. This group ransacked the place and stole numerous items. With all the commotion, Jaimes decided to equip his rapier and engage the armed robbers. Jaimes fought valiantly, but was killed in the fight. The unaware robbers left the house thinking they killed the only person there. When the raiders left, Natalia emerged from the bedroom to find her husband’s corpse on the ground where the raiders had brutally left him. Frustrated and seeking revenge, she bore a deep black cloak with red accents and searched for the raiders who killed her husband. In order to conceal her identity, she went by the name of “The Widow Watcher”.


Natalia spent nights in pubs digging for information about these raiders. She discovered the identity of the name of the clan and the leader. The clan’s name was “Brotherhood of the Land”, a Therak’Onian based gang led by an ex-Therak’Onian militant by the name of Gyrkil. Her rage doubled when she discovered that it was a Therak’Onian clan. She turned to the only thing she knew that would ensure their eternal damnation…

Find out next week to experience the results! As always, see ya next time!

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